Expert Dog Bite Attorneys Chandler AZ

Expert Dog Bite Attorneys Chandler AZ

Dog Bite Injury Lawyers Chandler AZ

Dogs each have their own personality, but his doesn’t excuse an owner from responsibility when their dig injures and bites someone. If you are bitten by a dog or other animal, talking to a qualified Dog Bite Lawyer will provide you with just compensation for your dog bite injuries.

Nearly 5 million people in the U.S. are injured by Dog Bites each year; nearly 1 million of which require medical care. In some states, dog owners are strictly liable for such dog bites.

In 75% of the cases the victim and the dog owner are neighbors, friends, or a family member, which often encourages the victim to forgo any legal action. For many other victims, however, the only reason they do not recover is because they are unaware of their rights under the law. Consulting with a Dog Bite Attorney in our firm can help you assert your rights and seek proper compensation.


In many other states, a dog owner is strictly liable if their pet bites an innocent victim who did not otherwise provoke the animal or unlawfully trespass on the owner’s property. If the dog has not been know to be aggressive before or has never bitten anyone before, this is the case even.

In addition to being strictly liable for bites, dog owners also have a duty to reasonably control their pet and can be held liable for such negligence if they fail to do so. Many jurisdictions have requirements for dog ownership such as keeping them on a leash when out in public, obtaining annual licenses and getting their dogs vaccinated for rabies. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary injuries to innocent victims for which they would be entitled to seek damages for.

If the owner deliberately trains the dog to be aggressive or knows that the dog is predisposed to bite people and fails to take proper precautions, a victim may be entitled to seek punitive damages with the assistance of one of our Dog Bite Lawyers.

How Can Others Be Liable for Dog Bites?

If they negligently allow an innocent victim to be bitten, other people beyond pet owners can be held responsible for dog bites. For instance, owners of businesses, day care centers, or schools may be liable if they allow dogs on the premises and fail to take reasonable precautions to prevent potential biting accidents.

There are many other scenarios where third parties may be liable for injuries caused by dog bites. A knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney in our office can assist you in assessing your case and get you the help you need.

Dog Bite Lawyers Chandler AZ

A Dog Bite Attorney Who Can Help Recover All Forms of Damages From Your Injuries

Our Dog Bite Attorneys can help victims receive compensation for all forms of damages stemming from vicious dog bites. Such damages can include:

Medical Expenses
Pain and Suffering
Disability ( permanent or temporary ).
Missed Work.
Lost Future Earnings.
Reduced Quality of Life.
Necessary Cosmetic Surgery.
Damaged Property.

Contact An Experienced Dog Bite Attorneys At Out Injury Law Firm.

If you have questions regarding whether you may have a personal injury dog bite case, contact us for a free and confidential consultation about your legal options.

Expert Dog Bite Attorneys Chandler AZ

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